From stock upgrades to full race engines
JMac Performance can build an engine to meet your performance expectations
Here are few examples

Pump Gas 468 Big Block Chevy 290 Profiler heads, Isky Hyd roller camshaft, 10.5:1 compression , Gen V block + Scat bottom end 624 HorsePower – 590 Ft-Lb Torque

347 Stroker Ford Windsor 347 cubic inches out of a 302 W Ford small block. A small 210 @ .050 flat tappet camshaft and 9:1 compression 389 Horsepower – 407 ft-lb Torque

Pump gas 383 Small Block Chevy Airwolf Heads, 10.5 Compression, Custom roller camshaft, Victor Jr. intake manifold, 750 Demon Carburetor 558 Horsepower – 510 ft-lb Torque

440 big block Dodge: Stock pocket ported heads, Flat tappet camshaft, Air Gap intake manifold, 850 Demon Carburetor 475 Horsepower – 530 ft-lb Torque

Ford 351 Cleveland started out with 352 Horsepower and 348 ft-lb Torque After blue printing the bottom end and upgrading the camshaft and intake manifold it made 456 Horsepower and 417 ft-lb Torque

Chevy 350 started out with 270 Horsepower After blue printing the bottom end, upgrading the camshaft, and a mild pocket port to the heads it makes 400 Horsepower – 429 ft-lb Torque (Only 9/1 compression)